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want to reward small businesses and manufacturers who are creating jobs right here in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] second, my plan will cut our oil imports in half by 2020 so we control more of our own energy here in america. megyn: and here's a look at why the president stayed in florida after last night's debate in boca raton. the latest polling average from that averages all the polls shows romney leading among likely voters with nearly 48.5% and the president averaging around 46.5%. if you look at the more recent polling, it looks very much in governor romney's favor. we've told you earlier that suffolk polling pulled out a while back saying they don't believe that's competitive any longer although clearly team obama disagrees with that. critical state, as you know, in this election. governor romney, meantime, now working to shore up support in the nevada with paul ryan. the pair set to appear in henderson together just about a couple of hours from now. nevada is another battleground this year, and you can see why the governor is there. t
. we'll speak with the former attorney general of the united states michael mukasey about whether the president needs to say something about this attack. it's one of the most heartbreaking images in sandy's aftermath. 100 homes lost in and i inferno in queens. we'll talk to someone who saw his family home go up in flames just ahead. megyn: fox news alert. we are waiting to hear from president obama getting his first look at disaster zone that is the jersey shore in the wake of hurricane sandy. a brand-new hour of "america live." welcome, i'm megyn kelly. the president joining new jersey governor chris christie on a helicopter tour of the devastation. this will be the president's first look. focusing the attention on the area where the storm made landfall it's one thing to see the destruction on television and another to see it in person. governor christie * giving an emotional press conference saying how it was tough for him to take in the sights and sounds of the state where he grew up. the mayor of new york city, mike bloomberg told president obama to please not come to new york
to get when we get these pictures back in of the president of the united states and chris christie who just a month or so ago delivered the keynote address at the republican national convention on belaugh of republican mitt romney. a clear sign that less than a week before the election you have a rom in the republican governor and democratic president chucking politics aside to help the region and help the eastern seaboard deal with this. but make no mistake about it. tomorrow the president is going back out on the campaign trail. he will be in colorado, nevada. on to wisconsin and ohio the next couple days. so both sides taking a bit of a time out right now. but vice president biden in florida today. mitt romney back in florida, the battleground state today. both sides have been gingerly getting back into this. today the president and governor christie putting politics aside. we are in the midst of a very, very tight election. megyn: enjoy it while you can. air force one goes pretty much where it pleases. but the rest of the country's air traffic is a mess. 15,000 flights canceled sin
17th -- >> simply on the basis of what ambassador rice has publicly disclosed, does the united states government regard what happened in benghazi as an act of terror in. >> again, i'm not going to put labels on this until we have a complete investigation, okay? >> so you don't regard it as an act of terrorism? >> i don't think we know enough. i don't think we know enough. >> september 18th on the david letterman show -- >> is this an act of war? are we at war here? what happens here? >> here's what happened. you had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character who is a extremely offensive video directed at muhammad -- >> making fun of the prophet muhammad. >> making fun of the prophet muhammad. so this caused great offense if much of the muslim world, but what also happened was extremists and terrorists used this as an excuse to attack a variety of our embassies including the one, the consulate in libya. >> september 19th on capitol hill, the head of the national counterterrorism center, the only administration official to testify so far. >> questi
on an anti-islam video. >> this is a fairly volatile situation and it is in response not to united states policy, obviously the administration, not to the american people. there is a response to a video, a film, but we that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. that in no way justifies any violent reaction to it. but this is not a case of protests erected at the united states at large or at u.s. policy. this is in response to a video that is offensive and also to muslims. as you know, we were very vigilant around anniversaries like 9/11. the president has always brought us to speed on all of the precautions being taken. but let's be clear. these protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region. we don't know otherwise. we have no information to suggest that this was a preplanned attack. what i am telling you is that this is under investigation. the unrest around the region has been in response to this video. we do not come at this moment, have information to suggest what to tell you that any of this unrest was preplanned. our initial information, and that in
, would not hear out his contender. but for a sitting vice president of the united states, to act as though he holds a younger challenger in total contempt, you have to wonder for voters in their 20s and 30s who had ever been treated like that by somebody older than him, how it made them feel to see paul ryan be jeered at by an incumbent vice president of the united states. i know that the vice president was trying to show that he was tough and would attack, but his countenance did not match up with the moment. megyn: i think you've hit on an interesting point. having anchored this broadcast for several years, the things that affects viewers more than anything else is one to two participants talk over each other. they don't like the debates, they like a fiery debate and a robust back and forth, but they get upset when one person won't let the other person speak. we saw mitt romney very aggressive with president obama last week. you know, trying to have the last word and make a final point. and it didn't seem to me that he disabled barack obama's ability to be heard. did we see som
from the president of the united states. this isn't battleship president, governor romney, and oh, he is a "bs-er." he said that rolling stone magazine. is it appropriate, simon? >> i don't think it is any mystery that this is a brutal campaign, megyn. people are fighting hard for what they believe. i think this is normal and look at what barack obama has been called. he has been called a socialist, people have said he didn't have a birth certificate and wasn't born here, the attacks have been unprecedented in some ways. they have been said about him. this is a rough business these days, and i think that we are seeing it in the final days of the campaign. megyn: i think a lot of them will say bring it on. it's the presidency on the line. >> he has a lot of people he needs to win over. i find it humorous that barack obama is accusing romney of being a "bs-er." this is the guy who said that ronnie wanted to bankrupt the industry. this is the guy that said that individual mandate wasn't a tax, but then the supreme court said it was. this is the guy who blamed benghazi on the youtube vide
to the united states she said, and i'm quoting, that the president, the vice president and the secretary of state were wonderful, that they consoled her and that they were genuinely sad for her loss. but the mom is baffled as to why the fbi is not on scene investigating. on her facebook post last week she wrote, and i'm quoting: don't want to ever politicize the loss of my son in libya, but it has been 16 days, and the fbi has yet to get to benghazi to begin their investigation. meanwhile, the diplomatic outpost where tyrone and glenn doherty -- the other navy seal -- died is not and was not secured. acceptably -- absolutely unacceptable. the fbi clearly believes it is not safe to send agents into benghazi. american journalists have been at the crime scenes for weeks saying that they are unsecure and picked over. remember, cnn found ambassador chris stevens' journal on the floor of the consulate. former navy seal mike ritlin was on "america's newsroom" earlier, and he agrees with tyrone woods' mom. listen. >> when something of this magnitude happens, rule number one is you have to secure
's character as far as being the president of the united states. they say that he is unworthy. he is a bad person and shouldn't be there. megyn: they were saying at the dnc that he is a good guy. not from the underlings, but from the top layer people, they were saying that mitt romney is a good guy. >> they have a funny way of showing it. these ads in these attacks we saw after the president stumbled last week, it indicated that they are not talking about politics. they are not saying that the president has different visions and that mitt romney might be misguided or make the wrong assumptions, in fact, they are saying that he lied and that he made things up. that is about about mitt romney's character in the effort to blow up his character, not talk about his policies. megyn: we will talk about a little bit more in the program. we will talk to the democratic side to see what they think. chris stirewalt, thank you, sir. the romney team tried to take advantage of some newfound energy in that debate. ann romney, part of the gop's super saturday grassroots effort. she made a surprise appearan
was providing another activity for the united states was able to assist. now, whether someone -- go ahead. megyn: i was going to say folks on the ground from ambassador stevens on down, the regional security coordinator, everybody has talked about how they were begging for more security, and they were denied. and charlene lamb, the state department official who testified before congress the other week, said i would have made the same decision, that we had appropriate assets on the ground at the time. i want to show to the video again of greg talcott walking through the scene, because now we know the security guy who came over to try to help ambassador stevens got them into this safe room, and that's where they sat as then the terrorists came in and bombed the place and lit everything on fire, and the smoke inhalation forced them eventually to get out of this room we're looking at right here. and they couldn't make it. they couldn't make it, general. eventually, we believe this is where ambassador stevens died along with one other. >> yeah. i mean, what -- i don't believe the terrorists knew for
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's a dangerous environment, number one for israel, but also for the united states of america, and we keep talking about the arab spring. this is not an arab spring, this is an upheaval in the middle east that we are not taking seriously enough. the threats are huge. alisyn: did these israeli officials and middle east government officials tell you what they plan to do about iran's nuclear threat? >> well, i think -- we didn't get into that detail. obviously they are looking for america to provide the leadership in the middle east that we've provided in the past. their assessment is that america has stepped back, this void has been create, this void is now being filled by radical elements in each of these countries and is making the middle east a very threatening area both a threat to israel and to the west, and to the united states of america. alisyn: i read in your statement when you just returned that what they told you was they want america to be america again. what would that look like? >> well what it would be like, rather than apologizing for a video that is producer in some obscure corner o
mention a video. never. and i am fascinated to know and understand from the president of the united states, from the secretary of state, and from the ambassador to the united nations, how they can justify that this video caused this attack. it was a terrorist attack. >> reporter: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live in washington. we know you've been watching the hearing closely. what do you think. >> reporter: in his opening statement the chairman is saying the state department in that late-day briefing to reporters made his position known drawing a sharp distinction from the white house narrative that was a demonstration that spun out of control. >> they held a broad news conference over the phone in which they made it very clear that it had never been the state department's position, i repeat, never been the state department's position that in fact this assault was part of a row actioa reaction to a video or the like. this is corroborated by numerous witnesses and whistle-blowers. >> reporter: committee members told this morning in opening statements that th
of the united states cannot defend his record at all. by the way, you do have a great voice for golf. megyn: hq. when you are live inside the debate hall, you have to talk very quietly. so the question is, why didn't he come out of the more dorsal? this is why i will cut tax rates and these are the results. he started it, but not exactly. it is because he is worried about the following line of attacks. but the president made according to his supporters very effectively last night. >> governor romney says he has a five-point plan. he doesn't have a five-point plan, he has a one-point plan. that plan is to make sure the folks at the top played by a different set of rules. that has been his philosophy in the private sector and his philosophy as governor and his philosophy as a presidential candidate. megyn: in other words, he is for the rich. >> they did that same thing on my father. the president of the united states also has a penchant. just like mitt romney's pension is in a blind trust. romney has learned to defend being rich. defending the fact that he grew from the bottom up what he wants to
a budget in the united states senate which hasn't passed a budget for three years, and it's time for people to wake up for what this president is responsible for. we are talking about 23 million people unemployed, out of work, given up looking for work. megyn: it's sort of like the annual number we add to the debt, the deficit and the big mama the debt. and so thins 2009 he took office 1.4 trillion added. 20,101.3trillion. 20,111.3trillion. 20121.39. he says i inherited a mess, which he did. we had two wars that he inherited as well that i didn't start, one of which i ended and one of which i'm trying to end. >> what president could not say the same thing, though in degree or otherwise that he inc inherited a situation. he also inherited a budget for that first year. in 2009 he inherited a budget. it's what he's done every year since. those budgets have been trillion dollar-plus budget tke deficits. he has an absolute anathema towards personal responsibility. taking credit seems to be no problem. to hear him tell it you'd think he was right there with seal team six when osama bin laden was
that the united states played a role in liberating from a op tro t aca byeroc o t steps that need to be taken to bring back enhanced security where appropriate for dip that i can personnel around the world. alisyn: very interesting to hear xtittoomeeeta's w i testimony. he's trying to answer questions about how the story from the administration changed so dramatically the last month. here is a sample h the statemenunfold after the tack s ate t t administration? did the administration mess up in any way? >> what we have seen is unrest around the region in response to a video t mmsd ns >> binatanes assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned premeditated attack. >> ambassador rice in her comments on every netwo over e wkend wylend isuthaurti senf happened is. >> i'm saying based on the information we initially had available and have available, we do not have any indication at epedacntf pmedition or d quonye ti killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> there is no doubt the kind of weapons that were
of the united states. david axelrod was on with chris wallace the other day, he made a reference that the president is, of course, responsible. megyn: if the president is responsible, why does he have time to go on the radio show, like one in florida, do hollywood events, etc. but he doesn't have time to do a press conference on an issue as serious as this? put politics aside. what happened was a tragedy. the american people have a right to know regardless of whether this is an election year or not. will it help them in the end? i don't think it well. i think that hillary -- remember that she also said that i hope she is not used as a political puppet. i hope that doesn't determine from you tonight. >> folks believe we need to have answers to this. it is an ongoing narrative emerging about what is happening in libya. whether it was falling into the wrong hands. megyn: al qaeda was surging, some forces knew about it. we wound up with four dead americans. do you believe that this would be an issue for the president, even if he were not in a reelection battle right now? >> i don't t
of the entire ovulation of the united states under a state of emergency. full on emergency declarations in eight states along the eastern seaboard from virginia to massachusetts and washington dc. limited state of emergency in delaware and north carolina. that could well change. over the past few hours the storm has picked up and strengthen, starting to make the forecasted turn inland as some reports of 90-mile per hour wind gusts have head. it is expected to make landfall around atlantic city, new jersey. the resort town reporting heavy damage to the boardwalk there. the casinos are closed for the fourth time in history that that has ever happened. heading up the coastline to point pleasant beach, another popular tourist destination along the jersey shore. today it is evacuated. look at the live pictures. the wind starting to pick up, you can see the surf for yourselves. that is still about 90 minutes away. further north to new york city in battery park, that is at the southern tip of manhattan where john was, one of the lowest points in the city. the rain is starting to pick up. the promenade
'm the president of the united states of america, i woo people, people love me, he didn't prepare for this last night. it was obvious that he thought he was the heavyweight coming in, and because he's so charismatic he could just walk in there and have a great anniversary night and go back and have champagne with his wife, and he didn't do well, and i think the part was he was shock at how well informed mitt romney was, and how many things mitt romney was instantly able to challenge him and i don't think he expected him at all. megyn: do you think that barack obama is capable, coming back, being feisty, being sort of like mitt romney was last night? some people are raising doubts about whether he is capable of that since he doesn't have the more recent debate experience that romney has. >> yes, and i think to be clear i've talked to a lot of people today. people may have been disappointed with obama's performance last night but nobody is panicking. he's still up in this race by three or four points. [laughter] >> no, no, ben. >> al gore blamed it on the attitude. al gore blamed it on the altitu
than the president of the united states? >> i do have to say, marc, i would not want my president or if this were george bush, telegraphing what they're going to do. they just go in, and they do it. and this president has gone in time and time again, and he's done it. he has gotten the people who have been responsible for so many terrorist attacks against americans abroad and against americans here many our homeland. let me remind you, he didn't go out there and say i'm going to go to pakistan, i'm going to get osama bin laden -- >> he actually did. >> and i will further more say that if you're worried about embassy security, perhaps talk to people like jason chaffetz of utah who conceded that embassy security was not his priority and, therefore, he cut funding that the president suggested for security, including the libya. >> oh, please, come on. >> we should really take the politics out of this. we should really try to not -- [inaudible conversations] megyn: i gotta run. >> you'llly, it's not about -- julie, it's not about politics. megyn: i gotta go. charlene lamb who is the de
. accordingly the case cost the newspaper around $1 million. last week the united states anti-doping agency released a 1,000-page report detailing what it said was arm strong's lengthy scheme that included his own doping and encouragement of other teammates doping and saying his entire history has been a massive fraud. arm strong had no comment on the latest legal threat. but here to skits. david wahl and jonna spilbor. if you are the london sunday "times" and you paid cash out to him and you paid cash out to him, you have got to think they will pursue that. >> they settled this agreement after several rulings by lower courts that went against the "times." but these contracts are generally airtight. every i * is dotted and every "t" is crossed. with the exception of fraud. they are saying all along he was engaging in a doping culture. 26 people in total. they have lab results and financial documents. they have everything they need to prove beyond any doubt that he was engaged in doping. they are saying this whole settlement and some reports put it at $1 million. was a fraud. megyn: that the
the next president of the united states will be. we are 72 hours from the third and final presidential debate which will make so much difference in this election. today the state of the race became just a bit clearer as rasmussen reports releases a series of battle grounds polls taken after tuesday night's debate. first up missouri, the new poll shows governor romney with a big lead in that state. you can see the numbers. 54-43. it was just a 3-point lead that the governor had over president obama in missouri. now you can see 11-point lead for the governor in that state. take a look at florida. similar story. governor romney leads the president with 51% to the president's 46%. a 5-point lead in a state in which rasmussen had a 4-point lead earlier in october which was neck and neck. in virginia. 50% for governor romney. the path trailing with 47%. joining me now, scott rasmussen of ross musen reports. what do those numbers tell us about the impact of the presidential debate in hempstead, long island. >> mitt romney had a big gain after that first debate. the president had a much better
came out of the storm drains. a monster storm pummeling the east coast of the united states. 21 different states threatened plus washington d.c. 33 people have now been reported dead, more than 7 million from the east coast to the great lakes are without power, the devastation is everywhere. first we take you to point pleasant, new jersey, one of the towns hardest hit. a massive tidal surge sending waves of water crashing into homes covering the streets with sand from the beach. look at the pictures. in beckley, west virginia the storm generating blizzard-like conditions. heavy snow and punishing winds cutting electricity. would you look at the difference? just look at pictures. cutting electricity and shutting down nearly 50 miles of interstate. to breezy point queens, the sighsite of an inferno. the driving wind sending flames throughout the neighborhood burning at latest count it's now up to 80 homes, 80 homes. look at this picture. look at this. i mean it's just -- it's tough to find the words. the devastation is so extensive that the area looks like a war zone. we are going
-natured way, he made the affirmative case for why we shouldn't settle for lowered expectations in the united states. i think that was very comforting for people. i think that mitt romney who had been framed by the obama team has an out of touch, rich, white guys who might be nice but he just doesn't get you -- suddenly he became very likable because he looked like a winner. and we want to be with winners. winners tend to be more likable even if they are not people that you necessarily want to have a beer with them. but they are likable because they are going to help you. they like people who win. i think that is what mitt romney might be looking at here. >> he is a rough-and-tumble guys. megyn: you have something we talk about mitt romney looking smart and in control the other night and setting it apart from sparring as someone in the midst of a debate. people walk away with a subliminal impression of the man, apart from the fog of media that he has been laboring under for so many months. >> you watch him and if you take away politics, and watching both of their performances, the command of
in the united states. we will have updated storm and transform information for human moments. we are also waiting to hear from governor romney and the critical that a ground state of iowa. take a look at games where we are expecting the governor to take the microphones now. what he calls his major economic address. we will keep it live as soon as the governor starts speaking. but first, this is an exclusive information about the terror attacks in libya. just coming in to fox news. after weeks of denying our ambassador and others, the attack was underway and helpless tonight. during the deadly raid, cia operatives asked to times for permission to go and help the ambassador and his staff as they were under attack. both times, the requests were denied. then, a second firefight erupted at a second location. the annex. this is hours later. and the two former navy seals would wind up dead make a third request for help. on a final request, they were told to stand down. with backup not provided. we learned new details about those two u.s. navy seals that were killed in gaza. tyrone woods, yanked
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